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Glenn Fleishman

Welcome to the nugget of a germ of an idea.

I ran The Magazine for over two years as editor, and about a year and a half as owner. It was an incredibly good time to commission new articles, work with writers to develop concepts, interact with artists and photographers for stories, and listen to and talk with readers. But there was a fundamental problem: we didn't have a focus. (There were other structural ones, such as being beholden to Apple and its Newsstand and the cycle of iOS updates.)

Some of the stories that spoke to me most during my editing tenure were those in which the past was preserved and made new. Not as a fetish, like nailing large wood type on a wall or turning typewriters keys into cufflinks. (I admit I have a set of the latter.) Rather, when people found something they adored in technology gone by, a physical instantiation of something, that they were compelled to cultivate, re-invent, or restore.

That's the heart of Old & New as I envision it: people's art and dedication, and the communities that form around it, whether it's old John Deere tractors or 1970s Atari videogames. The remit will be narrow: tech broadly defined, but that's no longer in true commercial production. Millions of letterpress presses were manufactured over hundreds of years; nobody makes new ones anymore. Other areas may be a little more murky: pinball has had a resurgence and new machines are being made, but there's a strong community around vintage machines that are kept alive and rebuilt, too.

The plan at present is to start as a blog, and then commission short stories and launch a regular podcast. If we can grow readership and listenership, we'll work towards a regular periodical-style monthly issue in addition to the blog, and quarterly print issues as well for those who would prefer something mailed like a magazine. Each year, we'd put out a book of the best stuff or all the stuff we published, depending on how much we commission.

We're looking forward to talking with you about your interests, too!